~ Note: The 76th Battalion of Anglo-Swiss Line Infantry has been purchased by Blau's Personal Army ~

The 76th Battalion of Anglo-Swiss Regiment

The 76th Battalion of Foot is a British Battalion of Scottish Mercenaries founded by Colonal Richard Venables of Jura (who had a large number of Scottish Ex Infantrymen who

A Guardman of the 76th

served under him in he Swiss-Romanian wars), The Veterans of the Battalion originally served in he 74th Kings Highlanders, who were posted in Switzerland as Venables honour guard, after the war of Romania/Swiss Attrition they were disbanded but many stayed in Switzerland with Venables.

Though mocked by the Swiss for their Scottish Kilts and large Bearskin Shakos, they were a very fierce and noble Battalion of Infantry Defending the Borders of Jura against the onslaught of the Duchys Armies, Venables lead them in the Battle of Geneva Heights, Where the 76th Defeated the Duchys Cavalry and rescued the 14th Juran Regiments Light Company from the jaws of the 12th Duchy Hussars.

The Battalion is usually stationed with Major General Blau's personal Army.

The Battalion are noted for their Pipe band which follows the Regiment into Battle always! they are also noted for their almost fool-hardy bravery, often charging into the breach with no concern for what lays ahead or what the enemy may have planned, they attack with one strategy. kill the enemy and kill them without mercy, and above all else avenge those who do not make into the breach.

Their Motto is simply "Nemo me impune lacessit" or translated into english from Gaelic "Who dares meddle with me?"

Battalion Numbers

  • 23 British Officers
  • 18 Swiss Officers
  • 206 Veteran Scotch Regulars
  • 178 Swiss Irregulars
  • 18 Scottish Pipe Bandsman
  • 1 Battalion Surgeon
  • 12 Battalion Orderlies

Regimental Images