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Sir John Ragnar Glorybane

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Sir Glorybane in his Bishop Uniform


Sir Glorybane in his medieval crusader armor (worn only during ceremonies and large battles)

Glorybane's Portrait

A portrait of Sir Glorybane (when he was slightly younger)

"If you wish for others to enjoy your company, see if you enjoy the company of yourself" -Sir Glorybane
  • Sir Glorybane, Bishop of Switzerland's Catholic Church, is a newley accepted man in the Swiss Army. In his past life, he was a Knight Templar of a clan known as the Holy Crusaders. Which he then made his own clan, the Glory Crusade. This is some information on him:
  • Full name (with title): Sir John Ragnar Glorybane
  • Age: 35 (in-game)
  • Ranks:
    • Lead Knight of Glory Crusade
    • Knight Templar of Holy Crusaders
    • Bishop of Switzerland's Catholic Church
  • Skills:
    • Fencing
    • Blacksmithing
    • Dagger Fighting
    • Gun Fighting (usually muskets)
  • Family Members:
    • Rachel Dare Glorybane (wife)
    • Ragnar Hard-Steel Glorybane (son)
    • Fiona Loveheart Glorybane (daughter)
  • Locations:
    • Homeland: Scotland
    • New home: Berne Abbey Cathedral