Blau Wolf XIII's Personal Army is trained personally by Blau himself. They are trained in basic warfare maneuvers, and in infiltration. The Personal Army used to serve in the basic military until it was detatched from it, and is now used as a Personal Army.

Here is a Gallery of the Personal Army:



Uniform Description

Here is a guide for why we picked these choices of uniforms.



Red is the main color of Switzerland, it also makes it hard for the enemy to see any blood. Anytime you see this color on a Soldier, you better run.


The Boots are designed for Cross-Crountry and hard terrian, this makes it easy for the troops to get passed any defenses the enemy might have as well.



The Blue is designed for camoflauge while the Marines swim toward the enemy beaches, this way the marines can survive while swimming. The Marines usually attack from the water instead of on land, the Marines say that Water is their home.


The boots are Sea-Floor designed so that any sea life doesn't assault the Marines while they walk toward the beach. The boots are also designed to be hard leathered so they can't wear away while on the floor while the Marines walk.



The white clothing is a classical Naval Sailor choice, the Swiss also tend to use the white of the Swiss Cross for equal balancement. Since the Army has the Red, the Navy will have the White.


Simple Durable boots, it has several layers of hard leather, with soft cushioning in the insides, these are designed to last even a few years before wearing out. Some shoes are even in good quality even if they were made in 1741, some soldiers have these boots, it's rare to see a soldier like that though.

Special Forces


The Clothing they wear is a combination of all the other soldiers uniforms. The color is Light Purple, since Blue and Red make purple, and white lightens it. This way they can show their Swiss Colours, and be in camoflauge if needed to go Marine.


The Boots are specially designed, they are heavily layered for durability, the external coats are animal proof, and there are armored to go across hard terrian. These benefits make the SF able to overcome any obsticle, and play any role in the Regiment.


The Personal Army is paired into 4 Groups, The Army, The Marines, The Navy, and the Special Forces. Each Group consist of three Companies (10 Troops) except the Special Forces, which only consist of one. The Army fight the Land Battles, the Marines secure beachheads and fight enemy sailors if boarded, The Navy fight the Sea Battles, while the Special Forces ( SF ) are a combination of the Army, Marines, and Navy.