Mr. Ironshot

Good day, and welcome to my campaign.

Sharpe - Over the Hills and far away

Sharpe - Over the Hills and far away

The theme that is going to be played at the debate

My Platform

I am campaigning for Prime Minister, because I feel like this fine nation needs change from the former ways of former kings, Ryan and Matthew O'malley. This is my second time running, and I have been working for Switzerland and Armed Guard for about 6 months. My goal as prime minister is to boost the econamy from numerous wars, improve living conditions for the lower and middle classes. Another goal of mine is to make a land route to the sea, so we may not be landlocked anymore. Another is to take Spain, establish another monarch that the cruel Pearson Wright may not take any more land. And lastly, a goal of mine, is to either create peace with Ademus Kwagar's Empire, or destroy them.

My opponent

Now, I will NOT badmouth Mr. Coalsmythe, as he is a friend, but, he is needed with his military, not in his government, but, he deserves it just as much as I do, even though he led the Swiss Rebellion. That is all I am going to release at this time

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