Hello and Welcome to my Final Act.

Act 2. Swiss, Downfall and Death.

Chapter 6. Man In Power. A year later i was given a decision to be a King of my own Country....i accepted blindly but found love doing it...Benjamin Macmorgans daughter Rose Macmorgan....we had alot of kids and it was great...i visited my Home with my mother we caught up on the years and she decided to stay so i left to find my wife with Tyler....ugh i was Furious and i forgave it was a few weeks later...and i was dethroned....I DID NOTHING AND HE BLAMES ME????...anyways i rebelled and i killed many...BUT I DIDNT SURRENDER GET IT RIGHT I WAS REPLANNING UGH....sorry but i went to become the Outlaw...named Ulyssess and was a merc i made money alot of it and it was glorious i had!!! I had it all but i retired after my past caught up with me.

Chapter 7. The Return. Many months later i met a girl named Jessie Goldspark...we hit it off but in the end i suffered a coma and i thought she moved on but no she stayed and we married the next day...had 3 kids...i put aside my reputation and life to be with them...until Jack Firehawk returned...he told me why he did it...i forgave him...the next day he killed its been many years...fights wars and lives were ruined....but i found peace....

Chapter 8. Present Day. Ukraine.....years later and im very kids are grown up and my wife is gone... i write this because its needed and im gonna die...i hear the call and i will answer....with honor...hahaha im forgotten....*cough* by this time my brother has died....i will meet him....and be family again....they called me Ulyssess.....Spartacus....but that is not my name...i will hear it voice of loving wife....

My Will.

To Tylers son I give you my Charts of the World

To Matthew O"Malley I give you my Gun " Scorpian"

To My Son Christain i give my Sword " Razors edge"

To Joseph Coalsmythe I give you my Mansion in Russia

To Claire Sagui and Jason Foulvane i give you my Wardrobe

To Elizabeth Bane i give you my Compass from The King of Jerusalem

To Matthew O'Malley i give you my Title of King of Jerusalem and the titles to both Holy land cities of Acre and Damascas.