Early-life 0 - 20

Josef was born in 1714 to Maria and Fredrick Kohleschmied in Salzburg, Austria. In his youth he was a very intelligent child, He excelled at almost every subject. His main language is German, But he speaks English, French and Italian fluently.

His Portrait


Flintlock Pistol, Sabre



Current Location


Mid-Life 21 - 30

As a young man, Josef longed for a life of freedom from the Kings and Queens of Europe. At 25 he moved to Bern, in the Kingdom of Switzerland. At 27 his lust for freedom exploded, and he joined the ongoing Swiss Rebellion against King Matthew I. But, alas it was short lasting

Military Heritage

Josef's Family has a proud military heritage. He Father and Grandfather Served in the Austrian Military. His Brother Wilhelm has served with Austria and Great Britain, And his Brother Fredrick is serving in the Prussian Military. He himself has served in the Austrian Military, Until he was injured when Austria lost Silesia to Prussia.