Welcome to the Kroshbon Pointe/Rhine River Military Academy



This is a fairly new academy for Switzerland, the first of it's kind, however, for the Kingdom of Württemberg, it has been there since the early stages of the Holy Roman Empire.... Established by a early duke in 956, it has been training soldiers through many time periods. Our academy services have two facilities currently in the Alpine Region... It is state of the art, and only the best of the best will get in, and out alive.

March : "On, ye brave!", "God save Switzerland!", and "The Soldier's Song"

Motto : Crown, Country, Honor!

Main hall and Headquarters : Kroshbon Hall

Officer's quarters, King's royal hall, and Headmaster's Quarters : Ironshot Field 

Barracks, Alpen Guard stationing, Execution yard - Coalsmythe Field

Military Cemetary, interment - Kroshbon Pointe National Cemetary

Royal Treasury building, Armory - Hall of Blue XIII

Locations and Staff

~ Kroshbon Pointe

Headmaster : Blau XIII

Assistant Headmaster :

Dispilanary Master : 

Drill Master :

~ Rhine River 

Headmaster : Viceroy-Governor Christopher Ironshot

Assistant Headmaster : 

Dispilanary Master : 

Drill Master :

How to get in

Like we said earlier, only the best of the best will make it. A cadet must be reccomended by the Viceroy  of Württemberg for Rhine River, and a count and up for Kroshbon Pointe.

Current honor guard regiments

Jr. Alpen Guard

Jr. Guard Regiment of the Rhine 

Gov't Conscript Regiments 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 

Jr. Artillery Guard

The Duke's Own Royal Guard

Standard Arms and Equipment

Rifles : Ironshot Breech Loading Rifles

Sidearms - Common Soldiers, Flintlock Pistol  Officers, Pepperbox Pistols  Artillery Soldiers - Royal Hand Cannons

Bayonets - Ironshot Mk XXXII bayonets

Uniforms - Officers, Standard Royal Guard Officers Uniform  Common Soldiers, Alpen Guard PVT uniform  Artillery, Standard Artillery Uniforms

Swords - Officers, Ironshot Mk XI Sword  Artillery, The Duke's Own Mk X Sword


Class at Rhine River Military Academy

A classroom at Rhine River

Rifle Brigade Badge

Cap badge for the academy

Swiss Marine Cadets

Troop of Swiss Marine cadets

Kroshbon Pointe Military Academy map

This has been color coded due to a technical error, but a better map will be uploaded later.