Navy Sprites are the smallest of all STC-STC Trading Ships, they do not carry much cargo so they are not used as often. It is armed with two deck cannons, one on each side, and it carries eight broadside cannons carrying four on 
Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 10.09.36 PM
each side. 

Navy Sprites are usually used to transport men or small amounts of cargo fast. They could also be used to patrol when not used for trading, and usually are due to smallness and speed. They can avoid cannon fire and get to locations quickly thus making them effective. Navy Sprites are also used for special agent teams, such as transporting a team to a ship. Then the team would plant keg charges, jump back on the Sprite, and make a quick getaway while sinking a huge warship.

Navy Sprites are given the name for their small stature, and speed. They are the smallest ships ever, some shipmen even consider them " Dinghies ", and there are stories of seaman actually using them to board warships. Also since of their size, they can sneak up to ships like Galleons, and plant bombs beneath the broadsides. BOOM! When the side is cracked, troops can go in and wreck kills, the kegs also cause some terror. Which frightens the crew, making it easier for the Sprite to sink them with ease. Navy Sprites have incredible speed, which can be usually for a hit-and-run strategy. Also they can be easy assistance to support lands that are under attack, making them useful. 

Category Score Notes
Size 10/10 The Navy Sprites' Size which is drastically small makes it easy to dodge cannon fire. Which makes the ship sustain less damage and able to survive longer. Making the ship able to fight long fights
Strength 1/10 The Navy Sprites' Speed requires a sacrifice, Strength. The Navy Sprites' Strength is very low, making it unuseful if you get in firefights. The aid to this is The Sprites' Size and Agility to avoid devasting cannon fire.
Attack Power 1/10 The Navy Sprites' Size requires a sacrifice, Attack Power. The Navy Sprites' Attack Power is low. It only consist of four broadside guns on each side, with only one deck gun on each side. The Navy Sprites' guns will be a while to finish off the enemy. You will have to avoid deadly cannon fire with Size and Agility to buy time to attack the ship. 
Agility 10/10

With Speed, comes Agilitiy. It is very good, the ship is not very large so it can turn easier since less ' material ' needs to turn. Also the ship does not have a lot of weight making it easy to turn. With a good rudder too, The Navy Sprites' Agility is very good.

Speed 10/10 The Navy Sprite is known for it's fabulous speed, and ability to get to locations easy. The ship has large sails, allowing strong winds to push the ship, it also is light weight making it fly like a feather. The ship also has good streamline allowing it to cut through water that would slow it down.
Final Score Final Score Final Score
Final Score 6.4/10 The Navy Sprite is good for Hit-and-Run attacks, and is not suitable for fire-fights. It has good manueverable ability which helps it in battles. The Speed, Agility, and Size help it this way. The Speed for quick get-aways if the going gets tough. The Agility to maneuver to dodge enemy fire. The Size is good since the enemy will have a hard time to shoot the ship, also it has a mere ' immune ' to broadsides. Since it is literally below the broadsides, and so the broadsides would just fly over the ship. The Attack Power, and Strength is the weakness. The ship is not able to sink ships fast with Attack Power. Also it does not have the ability to fight for long with it's low Strength.

Materials Required

The Navy Sprite does not require many Materials to construct, thus making it cheap to purchase. The Materials are common and easy to aquire so it is not a hassle to get the materials. Here is a list of all the needed materials to construct a Navy Sprite:

  • Fabric: 350 Units ( Sail )
  • Metal: 350 Units ( Cannon Works, and Exterior Armor )
  • Wood: 350 Units ( Basic Craft )