Port Remnant is the Capital of the Carribean States of Switzerland. All Base Operations are done here, and a lot of executive leaders tend to meet here. This is the hub for all traders, travelers, military personel, tourist, etc. Port Remnant was the very first place to be colonized and armed. Anyone looking to do something in the Carribean should visit Port Remnant.

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Port Remnant is a hub for trade, their new contract to trade with Saint Blau's Isle fired up the trade.


Port Remnant knows how to fancy a meal, and make a pretty penny with the food business too.

Tourist Locations

Need a hand with getting around Port Remnant? Here is a list of the most popular attractions.


Feel bored? Want to win a arm wrestling match and get a few coins on gambling? Here is the place to see all the Entertainment here on Port Remnant.


Need weapons? Need voodoo? Need guns? Well then here is the place to see all of our industry, come take a look.

Swords, and Daggers

Guns, Grenades, and Ammo

Dolls, and Staffs


Jewelry, Tattoos, and Hair

Sea; Ships, Fishing, Storaway


Here is a list of all the other elements of Port Remnant.