This article is the basic setup of religous units of Switzerland. They are soldiers who serve in the Swiss Religous Legion  This is their basic armor and weapon sets, and are based off the Knight Templars of the Crusades in the Middle Ages. Some of the armor is modified, to look Swiss and not plain Christian, and there are some new weapons added to their sets, like muskets, that the knights didn't have.

Basic Unit

The Basic Religous Unit is the lowest soldier in the Swiss religous forces, and has basic tasks,
Sugar Loaf Helm

A Sugar Loaf Helm

such as defending churches.

Basic Unit Items:                       

  • Tunic and Pants: Chainmail Armor
  • Helmet: Sugar Loaf Helm (yes, that's a real thing)
  • Shield: Wooden or Steel Switzerland Shield
  • Sword: Swiss-style basket hilt broadsword
    Swiss Chainmail

    Chainmail with a Swiss symbol

  • Gun: Military musket with bayonet

Angelic Healer (medical unit)

Angelic Healers use the good arts of voodoo (not hurting others) of nature and health. They heal the other soldiers in battle, using the aura of God and special jars of holy water that will heal wounded.
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Religous Unit

Angelic Healer Items:

Clothing: Red Swiss Robes

Helmet: Crusader's Great Helm

Weapon: Usually a small steel or iron dagger (only used in self-defense)

Healing tools: Holy Voodoo Dolls shaped like angels to heal a few soldiers or staffs made from branches and leaves to heal large groups