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President: Josef Kohleschmied

Vice President: Antonio Reinzunden

Treasury Secretary: Tobias Tiechlatte

Chief Justice:

Naval Secretary: Thaddeus Kreigadler

Army Secretary: Isaiah Ringenfalke

Declaration of Independance

On this day, we the free people of Switzerland have decided to overthrow our tyrannical King Matthew O'Malley I. Our Reasons are many but our letter shall be short. From this day on we shall not bow down to the king, we are a free people now, and we shall remain that way until every last soldier is killed by your evil hands. This war will be long, and we are weak. But we fight with bravery in our hearts and freedom in our minds.


The free people of the Republic of New Switzerland

Foreign Relations

Old Switzerland - At War

Great Britain - At War

Ottoman Empire - At War

Romania - At War

Kingdom of Hawaii - At War

United Provinces - At War

Confederation of South American States - At War