The Swiss Intelligence Agency, or SIA, is an elite branch of the Government which keeps our government intact with the latest feed.

Cabinet Members

  1. To Be Announced - Director of SIA
  2. Blau Wolfe XIII - Chief of Staff
  3. Samuel Dakre - Liaison to Field Agents

Reported Intelligence

  1. 11/18/45-11/19/45:

Recent intelligence gathered has led us to the conclusion that a recent attack, against the infrastructure of our allies on the PPW wiki, POTCO wiki and that of our own wiki, was masterminded by a criminal by the name of Damion also referred to as Pearson or "Pears". Large amounts of evidence suggest that he had full knowledge of how the attack was to be carried out, when and where, as well as a pre-attack plan for a cover-up should the attack have failed. Much to our hopes, the plan did fail. The ensuing post-attack fallout led to a slowly-dying cover-up plan carried out by Damion and his so-called worshippers. Several questionable people were used as scapegoats in this cover-up attempt, but whether or not these individuals had any involvement in the attack has yet to be determined. The names of the individuals are as follows:

  • Basil Brawlmonk - Guildmaster of S.P.A.R.T.A.N.S. and government official of Romania Individual provided valuable information which is still being tested.
  • Matthew O'malley - Director of SIA and a Knight of Canzington Individual has been proven innocent.

2.  5/3/46-5/5/46:

Blake Kroshban, King of Switzerland, has been found conspirating with Jack Daggerstealer. Blake had been trying to hand over the Province of Wurttemburg to the UIC. When the news first came out about the conspiracy, Blau Wolfe XIII geared Switzerland into action against this. Former King Tyler Crossbones had arrived to help mop up the situation, while hearing reports from a source. After a formal declaration was declared to the conspirators, Blau Wolfe XIII organized the SIA into action. The SIA's twin, the SSO, has also been organized to find out the myserty behind the case of Wurttemburg.

  • Blake Kroshban to be interogated.
  • All Connections to the UIC to be cut off.
  • Wurttemburg fortifications to be reinforced.
  • Jack Daggerstealer's bounty to be increased to 10,000 Franc.

3. 5/27/46-5/31/46:

After taking Switzerland, Blake Stewart, Regent King of Switzerland, raided Geneva, Switzerland in an attempt to resecure Switzerland. After the damages were reparied, the SIA and SSO later found out that the Terrorist Attack needed funds, which it received from the UIC Terror Organization. An Organization created to massacre the Swiss People, destroy infastructure, take over Switzerland, and to strike fear into the Government.

~Our intelligence network is still gathering information. Please be patient!~