Since the Swiss Military has shown great feats in their works, Field Marshall Blau Wolf XIII created the Medals and Awards System.

(Please note the Awards are randomly listed)

Award Description Abbreviation
Valiant Cross

Get Promoted to a Brigadier General Status

Conspicuous Attendance Attend 5 Missions and a Special Forces Meeting straight CA
Good Conduct Award Good Reports on 5 Mission Results by Peers, and they Mission Leader GCA
Distinguished Obedience Pin Get Promoted to a Captain Status DOP
Obsequious Order Badge Follow all Mission Orders for 5 Missions OOB
Illustrious Baton Get Promoted to General Status IB
Companion of Honor Medal Save a Life during Combat CHM
Sash of Pleasantry Get Promoted to Specialist Rank SP
Effort Ribbon Fail 5 Missions ER
Noteworthy Bravery Pin Do a Solo Mission NBP
Royal Favor Get Promoted to Field Marshall Rank RF
Veteran Insignia Get Promoted to Sergeant Rank VI
Survivor's Medallion Be Wounded on a Mission SM
Pirate Slayer Mark Obtain All Awards PSM

Award Notes:

  • Effort Ribbon - Has to be total failure, not on purpose.
  • Companion of Honor Medal - Saving, is Reviving
  • Noteworthy Bravery Pin - Can be a Small Group of 2 to 3 people
  • Survivor's Medallion - Be Knocked Out, then Revived, if you go to jail that means you either died or will be in intensive care unit (away for 3 missions)
  • Pirate Slayer Mark - It really does require ALL other Awards.