Due to multiple people leaving, all Swiss members will have to sign a contract representing their term and service for the Swiss Navy, Army, or Special Forces branches. In order to be approved, you must have a Stamp/Signature of a Military leader deemed by a HCO of Switzerland.

Current Permission

  • William Seasteel (King Tylar I)
  • Blake Stewart (Prince Blek/Lord Admiral Izzy Dedyett)
  • Joseph Coalsmythe (Josef Kohlechsmied) 


Your name: (Blake)

Main Pirates Level: (25)

Mastered Weapons: (Cutlass)

Better at SvS or PvP: (Can do both)

Branch you wish to serve: (Royalty)

How long do you wish to serve? Higher Amount and more loyalty will result in faster promotions: (Until Death)

Former/Current Militaries/Coalitions served in: (Great Britain)

Any family: (Umyus)

Proven Signature:

Crowned Prince Blake Stewart

Side Notes

EVERYONE will need to fill this out to be reemmitted back into the Switzerland Military. Until then, everyones job is on hold. To fill out a form, make a page with the name of...

"(your name here):Switzerland Military Contract"

If you leave before your time is up, it will result in immediate and possible permanent exile.

By order of,

Crowned Prince Blake Stewart