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Religous Unit of the SRL

Swiss Religious Legion flag animation

Flag of the SRL,found on ships and outside bases

 The Swiss Religious Legion (S.R.L.) is a side-division of military. Unlike other divisions, this unit of military is only used for religious purposes, such as guarding churches during war or fighting those who worship demons. Their current commander is Archbishop John Glorybane

Services to the Swiss

The S.R.L. has many services to Switzerland. 1 of the most important services is guarding churches that dot Switzerland's landscape during war, while other units of the main military attack the invaders. Some of them know special rituals to pray to God and defeat the enemy in dire times. If not at war, they also attack enemies who are religiously hostile. They do not care for non-Roman Catholics, but despise anyone who worships demons of the underworld. Their appearence are like that of crusaders, but with swiss symbols on their tunics. For direct info on their weaponry and uniform, see: Religous Units


The S.R.L. is divided by ranks, but are treated equally as brothers and sons of God.

Master Templar - Leader of S.R.L.

Knight Templar - Master Templar's assistance men

Paladin - Upper soldiers in S.R.L.

Crusader - Middle soldier in S.R.L.

Vanguard - Lower soldier in S.R.L.