The Battle of Berne

This battle was the first of the historic Swiss/Ottoman War. Emperor Albert Spark of the Ottoman Empire declared war on the Kingdom of Switzerland. The two armies met on a small island, mainly molten rock. The two leaders stepped forward. Albert requested a duel with King David only. The agreement proposed by Albert Spark was the following:

  • No jumpng
  • Any blade

David had a good start as he used his Deepwater Broadsword and smashed Albert in the right thigh. Albert scramed in pain, while david raised the butt of his sword and slamed it on Albert's skull. The Emperor of the Ottoman Empire fell to the ground. He pulled himself together as quickly as possible, trying to froce himself out of the daze. Out of the corner of David's eye he saw Albert rising from the ground. He spun around and thursted his blade directly into Albert's where he had been prevoiusly wounded. Blood rushed out as he fell once again. As Albert vision turned to blur he used his remaing energy to throw his last knife into David's calf. The King of Switzerland fell to the ground realizing he could loose this fight. I scrambeledto his feet. Albert was already up, pulling out his cutlass. David charged as if he were a bull staight at his enemy flung his sword right across Albert's chest with extreme anger. Albert fel the thn slice across his chest as if a million needles has struck him. He tried to fight back, but by this time David had already manouvered behind him and stabbed him through the back. Albert coughed up blood, fell to the ground, and screamed. David kicked him one last time. The battle was won.

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