The Home Guard is a group of civilian volunteers who fight back invaders. So far The Home Guard hasen't been in action yet, but that doesn't mean they will. The Home Guard is supported by the TSA, so the members can be stronger. The TSA helps The Home Guard into becoming part of the Swiss Military. The Home Guard usually consist of levels 0-14 due to people wanting to serve their country but cannot. That is where the TSA sets in to help The Home Guard be able to join The Swiss Military. Most of the Members that come out of the TSA will most likely exit The Home Guard then go to service in the Military. The Home Guard always will be active though, no matter how many leave it.


The Current Members in The Home Guard are:

  • Johnny131
  • Mr. Cooleo
  • DarkApollo13
  • DarkAssassin13


The Home Guard uses Squads to help the incident, Squads are the benefical equalivent of a regiment's strength in numbers.

Squad 1

Squad 1 is currently under employment.

  • Squad Leader - Johnny131
  • Squad Member - Mr. Cooleo
  • Squad Member - DarkApollo13
  • Squad Member - DarkAssassin13
  • Squad Member -
  • Squad Member -


The Home Guard usually consist of Basic Access members so this is their Uniform.

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 12.56.32 AM

Hat - Scoundrel Hat

Coat - None

Vest - None

Shirt - Red Cotton Short Sleeve

Belt - Red Basic Sash

Pants - Red Cotton Trousers

Boots - Comfy Boots