Lord Viscount Richard Venables

Ethnic Group:





Earl of Edrington

Duke of Jura

Lieutenant General

Lord Chancellor

Director of Affairs


Viscount Venables


Great Britian


British Army (formerly)

EITC (formerly)

King George II

Regiments Served in/Commanded:

74th Regiment (formerly)

21st Regiment (formerly)

46th Regiment (formerly)

95th Regiment (formerly)

19th Juran Guarda

Current Residence:

Ruhestätte Schloss (Resting Place Castle)

British Origins

Richard Joepsh Anthony Venables was the son of Viscount William Venables, the second Earl Edrington, in
Capture 3

15 yr old Venables selling Fruit

Glasgow in August, 1712. Growing up in Glasgow he sold fruit in one of his fathers farm stores, then at the young age of 17 he was put into Military Service with the British Army Serving Faithfully till 1745 when he retired from active service in India due to deep depression and Stress with his personal life.



He has four children, Ishamel, Richard Jnr. and Clara, he is currently courting Lady Lisa Darkscarlett of Gerardton, though he has been known to flirt with the Queen of France, Sweden and the King of Nepal.
Capture 2

Richard Training a new EITC recruit

He Often is found lurking in the Royal Anchor or Drilling new soldiers of the Royale Co. Navy to serve the King of England, He can also be found interrogating prisoners in Kingshead Dungeons.


He Was Promoted to Lieutenant General of the British Army in 1743, and posted as Governor of British Bengal in 1744, where he then unfortuantly caught yellow fever and was rendered "mad" for two months in this time he was sent to his Swiss manor, where tried unsucessfully to Revolt against King Tyler Krosbon the First.

He was however pardoned because of his illness and soon recovered and returned to active service in India with the EITC Armies
Capture 4

Richard at Work in his office


He returned to England in 1745 and was sent to France to quell the unrest that was going on due to the dispute between potential heirs to the french throne, who disagreed with each other on who was the right monarch, and so the 95th Regiment and its commander Richard were invovled in a number of skirmishes against French protesters in Paris.

When Bobby Moon was chosen as queen of France in October of 1745, Venables and the 95th's Job was done and so they marched back to England where they were ordered to sail for Switzerland again and protect the Swiss province of Jura from Swedish Incursion, though in secret Venables was a romantic admirer of the Queen of Sweden.

Venables was made Duke of Jura by King Krosbon and after the Swiss/Swedish War the Swiss King who Venables had formed a close friendship with, promoted him to Lord Chancellor of Switzerland and Knighted him.

He Retired the British Army in 1745 and became invovled in politics heavily leading the way to the reformation of the Tobacco trade which had suffered for the past three years due to lack of commercial shipping of the produce form the colonies.

He was then seen in 1746 in Edinbourgh during the Jacobite Rebellion, where he meet Charles Edward Stewart "the Young Pretender" who had him locked up in a cell until he swore his loyalty to the Jacobite cause, Venables refused and was released by Crown forces when they recaptured Edinbourgh.