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The Swiss Rebellion is an organized group dedicated to ending the Tyrannics caused by The Royale Family, specifically by King Tyler II.


  • Blau Wolfe XIII - Rebellion Leader
  • Matthew O'Malley - Leader's Right Hand Man
  • Jack Daggerstealer - Leader's Left Hand Man
  • Joseph Coalsmythe - Rebel Supplier (Not Yet Decided)
  • Nico Simone - Rebel Supplier (Not Yet Decided)

Government Digest

Government Digest


Capital - Zurich City

Population - 4,500,000

Guild - TBA

Government type - Transitional Government

Motto -  " Freedom for All "

Leader: Blau Wolfe XIII

Name - The Swiss Rebellion

Official Name - The Rebellion against The Kingdom of Switzerland

State Religion - Roman Catholicism

Armed Forces - 110,085

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 5.22.14 PM2
  • Red = Switzerland
  • Dark Blue = The Swiss Rebellion
  • Red/Black Stripes = Desperate Supplies (Kingdom of Switzerland)

Portraits of Members