Trial of Minister Ariana De La Cruz

Ariana De La Cruz is charged with several things that are against the King's Law. The Trial will determine her fate if she will stay in Switzerland or be exiled.                                    


The Trial will be held on February 2nd, at 11:00 AM PST.

We will have the Trial in both the chat, and in the game, the Trail in the Game will be held on Saint Blau's Island. In the Trading Co. Office, the reason why on Saint Blau's is so we can hold more people. The Trial in the Chat will be to discuss any details or information about the trial in-game.


Judge: His Majesty, T. Kroshbon

Security: Lead by Raven, and his team

Prosecution: Blue XIII

Defense: Ariana De La Cruz (Attorney: Matthew O'malley)

Jury: Anyone who joins the trial


Ariana De La Cruz has been found guilty of Spying, Plotting with other Countries, and more. She will be exiled from Switzerland, and removed from the Swiss Government of His Majesty's Kingdom.