Trial of Matthew O'malley 

Matthew O'malley has been called to court on the grounds of Rebellion, espionage, and embezzlement in the Kingdom of the Swiss Confederacy.


Matthew O'malley's trial will be held in the King's Court. After the Hearing, Prosecution Speech, and Defense Speech, the Jury will be linked to a secret Wikia where they shall conduct their discussion. They will have exactly 15 minutes to debate. 


  • Judge ~ His Majesty, William II
  • Bailiff ~
  • Security ~ Provided by members of the King's Royal Bodyguard, and by Ironshot's Marines.


  • Prosecution Attorney ~ Blau Wolfe XIII
  • Prosecutor ~ 
  • Prosecutor ~ 


  • Defendant ~ Matthew O'malley (will be playing on Admeral Qswas)
  • Lawyer ~ Gavin Texan


  • Presiding Juror ~ Blau Wolfe XIII
  • Juror ~ Reyes de Luz
  • Juror ~ Christopher Ironshot
  • Juror ~ 
  • Juror ~ 


Matthew O'Malley has been found guilty of several acts of crimes against The Crown, and the Confederacy of the 25 Swiss Cantons. He will serve a life sentence in Witzwill prison, so he can regret his doing of such crime.