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The dischargement of Former Queen Macmorgan.

You, Rose Macmorgan, have been called here today, because you have betrayed the Swiss. You have been charged with several counts of treason and murder. You have sided with the enemy Adameus Kwagar Occta. You are not in anyway able to explain why you have sided with the enemy. You, Queen Rose Macmorgan have been stripped of your rank and are hereby discharged.

Good day. - Pounds Gavel on desk - Next Case.

Prime Minister Tyler Crossbones, Lord Marshall of the Armed Guard

Admiral Christopher Horatio Charles Nelson Ironshot, Admiral of the Swiss Fleet

King Ryan Crossbones, King of Switzerland

Earl Alexander Nigel Crossbones, Leader of Military

General Jonathan Scurvycastle, General of the Army

Lord Keelspinner of the Parliment